About Us

Our desire is to build up God’s Kingdom by coming alongside Christ’s followers and workers. Whether you are dealing with burnout and need to rest and refocus, have a group that needs to get away to grow and work together, or someone who needs a place free of distractions for study, we can help. For those who are looking to focus on their walk with God, we have two spiritual directors on hand. We can also facilitate leadership retreats so teams can get away and focus on the future. We can merely provide facilities, or we can help plan and lead the gathering.


The ministries of Easy Yoke Retreat Center are conducted by two couples: Ron and Sandy Anderson and Tim and Lee Anne Anderson. Some of the background of Ron and Tim (son of Ron and Sandy) is given elsewhere on this website but here is some additional information about each of them.

Ron recently retired from a long career as a professor at the University of Colorado in Boulder. In addition it should be noted that he has extensive experience as a teacher, small group leader and leader of retreats. He was trained as a spiritual director through Benet Hill in Colorado Springs.

Sandy is the office manager for the retreat center and handles all reservations. She also maintains the xerioscape flower gardens she created for us and is an Emergency Medical Technician with the local volunteer emergency medical and ambulance service. She is a musician (violist) with a Doctor of Musical Arts degree and a history of performance and teaching.

Tim’s commitment to worship is based not only on his biblical training and skill as a guitarist/worship leader, but is grounded in his study of worship and his expertise in the many aspects of computer-based technology used in some worship services today. He recently finished a five year stint as an associate pastor, and was responsible for worship as well as finding and leading teachers for groups and other ministries. He was trained as a spiritual director through a program at Pecos Monastery in New Mexico.

Lee Anne plays many important roles in the retreat center including overseeing food preparation. She has several years of experience as the office manager of two different churches, completed an undergraduate major in Bible and currently is mother of two preschoolers, Zeke and Jake.


For any questions regarding the retreat center and scheduling, please call 719.485.4800