Sabbath Retreat

The Sabbath is a great gift to us, but a gift that in our modern society is largely spurned. Keeping the Sabbath is one of the Ten Commandments and we should think of it as such a commandment to be kept. But it is also a great gift, a gift we can receive only by living in a certain way, i.e., by keeping the Sabbath.

Keeping the Sabbath is about establishing a rhythm of work and rest, indulging in wasting time with God, being free of a to-do list for a day, convincing ourselves busyness is not the route to holiness, and reveling in our relationship with friends and God. But few and especially those engaged in serving the community of faith find it easy to receive the joy of this gift from God.

This retreat is about experiencing the joy of Sabbath. It includes some aspects of Sabbath itself, some how-to-do-it hints for keeping Sabbath in the midst of our frenetic society, expressions of the joy some others have found in the Sabbath, insights on how real Sabbath deepens our intimacy with God, and an opportunity to dialog with others about the joys and difficulties of keeping the Sabbath. Its about finding that weekly day that rests the body, replenishes the spirit and restores the soul.