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Easy Yoke can design a group retreat specific to your needs.

Retreat Center Collaboration with Pastors and their Congregations

We are prepared to offer retreats under a variety of collaborative arrangements with pastors and their congregations. Options include the following approaches.

1. We can offer one of our standard spiritual formation retreats (find descriptions under “Sample Spiritual Retreats“) for people from your church on a schedule that fits your situation.

2. We can modify one of these standard retreats and present it as a team with the church pastor (or other leader).

3. We can custom design a retreat to meet the needs of a congregation and present it ourselves or as a team with church personnel.

4. In the case of smaller churches, we can offer one of our standard spiritual formation retreats for people from two or three churches whose leaders have an interest in the same topic.

5. Our facilities are also available, of course, for a congregation that wishes to create and conduct a retreat of their own choice.

Regardless of the option under consideration, for churches in southeastern Colorado, members of the Easy Yoke staff would be happy to come to your church to engage in joint planning or to present the retreat to a group of people you have gathered for the purpose of hearing about it.